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How to prepare your home for LuxeWall.

How to prepare your home for LuxeWall.

Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your walls with LuxeWall. Before you start your home transformation, here are several steps to make sure your walls are ready for installation.

LuxeWalls peel and stick technology lets you attach it to almost any surface, but there are some prerequisites before you set your new walls.

  • Walls must be clean. Make sure to remove any dust or debris before starting your project. This will ensure that the LuxeWall planks are firmly connected to the wall so that it does not peel off over time. The best way to do this is by using a clean, wet rag. Wipe down the entire wall and let it dry prior to starting your project.
  • Walls must be smooth and level. If you are installing LuxeWall planks over wallpaper or textured plaster then it is important that the walls be smooth and even. Remove any loose wallpaper or plaster before starting your project. If your walls are still uneven you will need to smooth out any bumps or ridges with sandpaper. Not only will this improve the look of your new wall, it will also help ensure maximum adhesion of your LuxeWall planks.
  • Walls must be painted. If you are using Luxewall in a new home, you will need to paint a coat of primer on any unpainted walls. This ensures that LuxWall planks are firmly secured to the wall.
  • Acclimate your LuxeWall Planks. Just like with hardwood flooring, you will need to make sure your LuxeWall planks are properly acclimated to the climate of your home. 24-48 hours before installing LuxeWall, place the planks in the room you are remodeling. This will prevent them from warping after installation.

Whatever look you are going for, LuxeWall will transform your home into something spectacular. If you have any questions regarding installation or pricing, reach out to us and we can go over the process step by step.

Also, don’t forget to check out our FAQ page HERE and watch this handy installation video HERE.

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