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Growing Our Commitment To A Green And Sustainable Future

Growing Our Commitment To A Green And Sustainable Future

With Earth Day happening this week, we figured it would be a good time to talk about all of the ways that we are committed to a more sustainable future. It has always been a part of our business and one that we take pride in growing, each and every year. 

Our Partnership With American Forests

Early in our life as a direct-to-consumer flooring business, we reached out and established a partnership with American Forests for the Global Releaf forest restoration project. Through this partnership, we have vowed and maintained to plant two trees for every one used to create our quality flooring. 

We have currently been responsible for planting over 200,000 trees since 2012 with more being planted every year! This program is very important to us and we’re excited to expand upon it with our current sale that will double the amount planted through the month of April. 

If you would like to read more about our partnership, then click here to go to our previous article about it. However, when it comes to helping Mother Earth, we do more than plant trees. 

We Go Out Of Our Way To Offer Sustainable Flooring Choices

Hevea Brasiliensis trees - a sustainable source of hardwood

We're always on the hunt for new sustainable materials and products. Check out two of our recent favorites. 

We now offer Hevea wood flooring. Hevea comes from Hevea Brasiliensis trees which are used in the natural rubber making process in south-east Asia. While offering a better alternative than petroleum-based rubbers, these trees were often cut down and burned when they could no longer produce enough natural rubber to be maintained. However, now, thanks to business like ours, they are instead being used as a beautiful and sustainable source of hardwood flooring and furniture, while also being an affordable alternative. 

Click Here To See Our Hevea Line Of Flooring

That’s not the only newly sustainable hardwood we have to offer though! We've launched an exquisite new wood wall paneling line made from Empress wood. Empress wood is a fast-growing and very sustainable source of light-weight hardwood that is perfect for walling. It also takes a stain incredibly well which makes it an even greater choice for creative-minded people. 

Click Here To See Our Empress Line Of Walling 

These are just the first two varieties of alternative and sustainable wood that we have sourced and we plant to bring many more in the coming years. 

We Offer Incredible Alternatives To Hardwood All Together

Nordic SPC Flooring - a sustainable classic

While we do everything to ensure that our hardwood flooring leaves a greener path behind it, we also do what we can to provide flooring that uses other means of sustainable construction.

That’s why we launched our inhouse brand of Stone-core flooring, and have added many more options this year, with more new styles arriving as we speak. This construction uses much less wood than traditional solid hardwood flooring, while still offering the same beautiful aesthetic of hardwood with a more robust and tougher design. 

Click Here To Learn More About Stone-Core Flooring

Not only does this wood look great, but it is the toughest flooring on the market. They are water-proof and scratch and dent resistant which means, among other things, that you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long time. These floors are better for the environment and better for customers like you. It’s truly a win-win. 

Click Here To See Our Waterproof Options

This is the commitment that you can expect from us when it comes to doing our part to ensure a greener future. Stay with us as we plan to announce more initiatives and innovations as they become ready. Thank you for taking the time to read and for caring as much as we do. 

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