Bring A Touch Of luxury Into Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

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Before taking the dive into homeownership, people shopping for homes consider millions of factors, especially when it comes to interior features. Many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to achieve the home of their dreams. Below are six of the top features most people are willing to spend extra for:

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Although it isn't used every day, your guest room should be an inviting space where visitors to your home feel comfortable. With some creative interior design ideas, you can turn this room into a glamorous retreat your guests will love.Inviting Walls You can quickly give your guest room some extra appeal by changing the paint color on the walls or, even better, by adding some new wood walls to create a certain ambiance. With thousands of possibilities to choose from when it comes to wood, paints, or wallpaper, it is important to narrow your choices to those that complement the...

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We all know that one person that keeps a perfect looking house. No matter when you go over to their home, it always has that just cleaned look and feel to it that leaves you wondering “how do they ever find the time to keep it so clean?”Don’t worry, we’re going to give away three of their secrets so that you too can start impressing house guests with how clean your home always seems. Keeping a house clean is easier than cleaning a house This shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s the advice you’re always given, but it’s true....

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We all remember that classic wood paneling on everything look that was so prevalent from our childhood. You might be conjuring up an image right now of a classic suburban living room covered head to toe in wood paneling like it was some sort of hunting lodge and feel the need to cringe. It’s okay it was definitely a little cringe worthy in hindsight.

Thankfully, interior decorating has come a very long way since then and those in the industry have managed to turn a lot of the old traditions into newer, cooler, ideas. Yes, even wood paneling!

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One of the most overlooked aspects of interior design is lighting. When people are unhappy with a room or want to modernize it, they will invest in the floors, walls, windows, and furniture, but rarely do they think about the way we actually view the room.

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