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Your home should be a calm sanctuary from the chaos. Unfortunately, all too often this isn't the case. Well not to worry, I've compiled a few basic tips that will help you recapture that sense of serenity. 

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I get a lot of questions about design and decorating. One question that comes up a lot is how to decorate large spaces or open floor plans. So today, I'm going to talk about a few quick tips for making that large space more inviting.  Use bold colors to separate areas of the room Just because a space is open, doesn't mean that it all has the same use. I recommend using different and competing colors to define one area from the next. For instance, you could paint the dining room a bright yellow while painting the living room or bedroom a...

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Many rooms have poor natural lighting. Some rooms are even so dark that it makes you question what the builder was doing when they chose they first planned the room. Badly placed windows can be to blame, but other times, windows can be in the correct location, but a tree or other object outside will block natural lighting. If you have difficulty with getting a dimly lit room to pop, here's an easy tip that you can use to amplify the brightness of any area.

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One of the questions I see the most here at Luxewall is people asking for help decorating their office. Now, let me start off by saying that this is a topic, but like all decorating, it will depend heavily on a few factors. So take what works and don’t force the rest. After all, a home office will be very different from an office space.

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Gone are the days of all black and white living areas. Now, everyone wants to see a bloom of color that will brighten their day and warm their home up. Learn these five trends so that you can stay on top of the design game. 

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