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Is shipping really free?

Yes, on all orders over $200 shipped inside the contiguous United States.

Do I need to acclimate LuxeWall?

Yes! Similar to wood flooring, acclimation is the first step you should take before installing LuxeWall. We recommend a time frame of about 48-72 hours.

Can I find your products in stores?

No, but we actually ship directly to you! Click the products tab to browse styles and add products to your cart. When you're done shopping, you can checkout just as you would with any other online retail store.

How long will it stay up?

LuxeWall will stick until you decide to remodel again. The adhesive is rated for 10 years. However, we also recommend you use nails as well, in which it will stay up until you decide to take it down.

How is shipping handled?

LuxeWall is shipped in boxes that contain 10 to 40 square feet and is shipped right to your door!

What if I want to remove it?

LuxeWall is semi-permanent. Meaning, if you choose to remove LuxeWall you will need to pry it off of the wall. Once the planks are removed, the adhesive will need to be removed from the work surface and some minor repairs may need to be done as well.

Is it easy to cut?

LuxeWall is super easy to cut. You can use a miter saw, chop saw or hand saw, just be sure to use a fine tooth blade with whichever saw you use.

Can I apply this to the ceiling?

Yes, LuxeWall can be used on ceilings, and it often is! If your ceiling is smooth, you can apply it normally. However, like other abnormal areas, it is strongly recommended to use finishing nails on it as well.

Commercial/Retail space, will it work?

Absolutely! In fact, LuxeWall is ideal for commercial and retail spaces, because the work can be done within a matter of hours with minimal hardware and will stand up to the rigors of high trafficked areas.

Do you have issues with the adhesive not sticking?

If LuxeWall is applied according to the recommended directions for application, then you shouldn't experience any issues with it not sticking to your surface. However, if you are having issues, then it is likely one of a few things that could be causing it:

The area was not totally clean before hand.

The area was still damp before LuxeWall was applied

Note: In the off chance that you see any curling or have issues of it not sticking, you can simply apply a couple of finish nails.(We actually recommend this)

How thick is the product?

Our reclaimed wood planks are 3/16" thick and our sustainable hardwood planks are 1/8" thick. Our 3D walling ranges from 1/2" to 3/4" thick.

Is this wood or wallpaper?

LuxeWall is crafted from 100% sustainable real wood planks that can be used to decorate your walls.

Can I recycle LuxeWall?

Yes! In fact, you can put the LuxeWall box, all of your trimmings, and even your tape peelings into your recycling bin.

Does LuxeWall ship internationally?

Not at this time, but we are always expanding out shipping options so please check back with us in the future.

How much does it cost to ship?

Our walling ships free to the continental US for all orders of $200 or more! For samples, we use FedEx Ground and their rates.

How many square feet do I need for my project?

By multiplying the length times the width of a wall (in feet, not inches), you can find the square footage of the area that you will need. You can also use the LuxeWall online calculator if you're using inches.

Note: We recommend a 10% waste factor in your calculations when ordering. Also, if you have additional areas requiring extra cuts (like windows) than we consider upping the amount to 15%.

Any promotions or coupons?

LuxeWall runs promotions, coupons, and contests throughout the year with most of our sales being shared to our mailing list.

Where can I get LuxeWall?

LuxeWall can be purchased directly from our website by visiting our products page.

What can I LuxeWall?

LuxeWall will stick to any interior surface. However, installing directly onto a hard surface such as tile is not recommended. Also, the surface needs to be clean and smooth. If you're sticking LuxeWall to a wall that is not painted, you'll need to apply a coat of primer and let it dry completely.

Do I need to seal it if I use it as a backsplash? And what kind of sealant can I use?

It's not absolutely necessary to seal LuxeWall when it's used as a backsplash. However, it can help if you are worried about excess splashing or humidity.

Will it work in my bathroom or near moisture?

It can work in a bathroom setting as long as you take the proper preparation steps before installing it. First, it's important to be sure that your wall doesn't exceed 9% moisture content before installing. If possible, let your walls dry out for a couple days before installing and again after installing. It's important that you allow the material to acclimate unwrapped and outside of the box for 48 hours in whatever environment you are installing it in. Be sure to also use a J-Roller during installation to ensure proper adhesion for each plank.

Can I apply it to a fire place or near heat?

In most cases, LuxeWall can safely be used around a code-approved fireplace as long as the surface you're applying the LuxeWall to is not exposed to combustible materials. Each situation is unique, so it is important that you consult your fireplace's installation and safety manual before applying, to assure the area you are using LuxeWall is considered a safe surface. We have had many customers use LuxeWall to transform their fireplace with great success!

Can it be applied to a textured surface?

Some textured surfaces will adhere to the LuxeWall products with ease, while others (that are less smooth) may have issues achieving maximum bonding. We recommend sanding the texture down if it is too textured. Once it is sanded, clean the area of dust/debris, then apply the LuxeWall to the smooth surface. It is also highly recommend to use finishing nails to ensure it stays affixed to the wall for years to come.

Can I put it outside? What if I do not use the adhesive?

We have had customers successfully install our walling outdoors, but our product is intended for inside use only. If you do install outside, than you will need to use nails as the adhesive will give out quickly when exposed to the elements. Also, if it's in a high humidity or in an area will it will be directly rained on then a sealant is also recommended.

Can you put this product on a door?

Yes, LuxeWall can go on a door or cabinet with ease. Make sure to use a J-Roller to ensure maximum bonding between the surface and the adhesive.



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