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Designer Spotlight: Exploring New Diamond Oak Walling With Marsha Grey

Designer Spotlight: Exploring New Diamond Oak Walling With Marsha Grey

We invited Marsha Grey, an up and coming interior designer, to our Austin office to take a look at our new 3D Diamond White Oak Walling and ask her some questions along the way. 

What was your initial reaction to our new 3D Diamond Oak Walling?

3D Diamond Oak

I love it! The bespoke texture to it really resonates with my style and tastes as a designer. The square 4x4 pattern comes together to form a unique and inspired wall. 

I'm super excited to get to work with it in the future!

What stood out to you about this new walling? 


Well, obviously it’s quite a different take from a design standpoint. So that’s going to be the first thing I noticed. But, honestly, watching the installers put up the wall I was shocked by how easy it went up. Once they got the first row up and leveled they just zipped along. Just nail and go. 

And it came out looking great! Really impressive stuff. 

walling installation


What rooms do you think the Diamond Walling would work in? 


In a dining room or bedroom is my first gut reaction. Framing a table or a bed I think would look great with this. With that in mind really any room could be made to work, like behind a TV or above a mantle. I’d probably skip a bathroom since it’s on the bulkier side, but you could make it work if you had your heart set on it. 


What’s your favorite thing about wood walling?

Ohh I love wood walling. It’s a great way to introduce a retro look in a modern way if that makes sense. I’m a big fan of bringing different textures, colors, and elements together in a room and think that the blending of these elements is where we get some really creative and fun looks. 


For instance, I love adorning a key wall in a living room then putting a couple framed pictures over it and layering some plants in front of it. It looks great and is a perfect place to jump off for staging a favorite chair, record player, tv, really anything you want to show off. 

Do you recommend it to your clients? 


Very often! It’s not always right for the space or doesn’t mesh with the client's vision, but it has definitely become a go-to for a large selection of my projects. I like to sketch up the design for a room when showing a client and they often get a look in the eye when I talk about wood walling - like it’s too retro - but, they are usually blown away by the final results. 


I think the trick is to not overdo it and let the space dictate the design. I’m sure that sounds hipstery or whatever, but you really can’t force it. I’ve definitely found that I have to experiment, but so far have been very happy with the results. 

Thank you for speaking with us Marsha, any final thoughts?


Thanks for inviting me! I’m just super stoked to play around with this new design out in the wild. I’ve already got a couple of fun ideas for some clients I’m working with. So you’ll have to check back with me in a month or 2 for some nice results. 


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