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An Introduction To The Latest Spring Design Trend - Empress Wood Walling

An Introduction To The Latest Spring Design Trend - Empress Wood Walling

This week, we’re proud to show off the latest in must-have walling - Introducing the Empress line of peel-and-stick walling exclusive to Luxewall.

First things first, what is Empress Walling? Fantastic question, as always It all starts at the tree. The Empress Tree is a fantastic species that is sought after for its adaptability and sustainability. It is also a very versatile source of lumber due to its lightweight, great looks, and because it is so eco-friendly! The Empress tree, also known as Paulownia or princess tree, is fast growing and can even be harvested multiple times if properly taken care of which makes the Empress Tree one of the few sustainable, renewable sources of timber. It is even considered a sacred tree in Japan, long revered for its fast growth and quality wood.

Empress Tree

Now, let’s get to what you really want to know… How great does it actually look? We’ll prepare yourselves for a treat because Empress wood is amazing at taking colors and we have a variety to show you!

Kodiak Empress Walling

Kodiak Empress

The Kodiak Empress Walling is characterized by its rich, golden color with a few darker planks sprinkled in that really makes the whole stand out even brighter. Enjoy this in any room that needs an injection of life and brightness.

Glacier Bay Empress Walling

Glacier Empress

The Glacier Bay Empress Walling is a beautiful, light white-wash walling option that pairs perfectly well with whatever your room is trying to do. It is the ideal backdrop for paintings, pictures, or anything else that you wish to display. Pro Tip, combine it in a room with dark floors and see how great they’ll make each other look.

Portage Empress Walling

Portage Empress

Our Portage Empress Walling is at home in a den, man cave, or home office. Set it up and watch it add its rustic appeal to an otherwise lacking room. Bonus points if you have overstuffed leather chairs, packed bookcases, and a mini-bar complete with a variety of bourbons.

Yukon Empress Walling

Yukon  Empress

This Yukon Empress Walling is as awe-inspiring as its namesake would have you believe. A rich, dark stain that is both classy and timeless. Capture the elegant side of your living room or bedroom. Not to be underestimated.

Bering Empress Walling

Bering Empress

We saved the best for last. The Bering Empress Walling is the workhorse of the series. Perfect for any room and goes with absolutely anything. This is the go-to if you’re not sure which to put up, but know that your room needs a change. You will not be disappointed.

Well, there you have it, the five new Empress walls that we have to offer. This truly is an impressive species of wood and it’s lightweight durability combined with its amazing price makes it one of the best values you’ll find.

Don’t forget, you can order samples here before you buy.. Drop us a comment down below and let us know which design you like the best!

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