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The Complete Guide To Wood Walling

The Complete Guide To Wood Walling


As you may have noticed, wood walling is a HUGE trend in the design industry as of late. It’s easy enough to install yourself, allowing you to spice up any room on a budget. Below is the complete guide to wood walling from LuxeWall and Hardwood Bargains.

What Is it?

Our wood walling products come ready to go with a peel and stick adhesive that can stick to any flat surface, like a wall or ceiling. One of the best parts about this walling is that most of our floor designs can easily be installed on your walls or ceilings, letting your creative juices flow when it comes to wood choice!

How Easy Is It To Install?

The simple answer? Easy! Just peel and stick the hardwood planks and you’re good to go. No need for any glue or nails to hold the planks in place... installation is a breeze. The only tools you need are a level, a saw, and measuring tape.

How Much Walling Do I Need?

To find out how much hardwood walling you need, determine the area (length x width) of the wall or ceiling you'll be working on and add an extra 5% for waste cuts.

Click Here For An Easy Calculator.

Can I Hang Things On My New Walling?

You sure can! Our favorite way to hang photos or artwork on your wood walling is with adhesive hangers. These types of hangers allow you to hang your artwork without damaging your new walls with nails or screws.

The important thing is that your new wall is just that… A wall. It just looks a lot better than it did. Thanks for reading and feel to comment with any questions or concerns. We love to help. 

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