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Important Tips For Hosting A Holiday Get Together

Important Tips For Hosting A Holiday Get Together

Thanksgiving to Christmas, to all of the parties in between... The time for hosting guests in your home is here. Thankfully, I've got a few tips that will make sure your guests leave happy without costing you your sanity. 

Plan Ahead

Make a list

Planning is the first tip because of how important it is. The sooner you can start knocking items off of your to-do list the better you'll feel and the more you'll actually enjoy the party. 

Pre-prepare some of the food, make sure you have enough drinks and ice, and think about seating arrangements. No one wants to be awkwardly stuck in a corner any more than they want to watch you frantically rearrange the dining room. It's also good to think about cleanup, sometimes it's worth breaking out paper plates and plastic ware.

Be A Boss

In other words, delegate. This is a big lesson for people to learn. There is no shame in asking for help and a lot of time people actually like giving you a hand. It makes them feel valuable. Not to mention, that this party is for you too. You should have time to spend with the guests instead of just cleaning and preparing drinks the whole time. 

Lower Expectations

It can't always go right.

Nothing will ever be perfect so throw that idea right out the window. Let's face it, things are going to go wrong. Sometimes, horribly so! But that's okay. No one will judge you for it and the sooner you accept imperfection the sooner you can start enjoying the party. Plus, your guest will actually have a better time if you can pull off a care-free attitude. 

Keep Things Simple

There is no need to overdo it by getting too fancy. All your party needs is three things: Food, drinks, and conversation. That's it. So throw out that expanded tasting menu of your favorite Chilean wines and forget that 3rd type of smoked Gruyere. As long as you cover the basics then no one will spend time thinking about what you didn't provide.

Be Yourself

Put your own twist on the party. This is your chance as a host to show off your own tastes and style. Showcase a food you like or a favorite wine. Make a playlist of your favoite tunes. You might even be shocked at how much others like your tastes. 



This is the most important to me and it took me a long time to learn and perfect. Slow down, calm down, and focus on being stress-free. In fact, you might have noticed this trend in my earlier tips. When executed, they should all help serve this goal so that you can relax and actually enjoy the party you're throwing. 

I hope these help and that your party turns out great. Thanks for reading and drop a comment at the bottom. 

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