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Quick Tips For Decorating And Personalizing Your Office

Quick Tips For Decorating And Personalizing Your Office

One of the questions I see the most here at Luxewall is people asking for help decorating their office. Let me start off by saying that how you decorate your office will depend heavily on your office environment and your personality. So take what works and don’t force the rest. After all, a home office will be very different from an office space.

Keep it professional

A professional office

No matter the location, you should always keep it professional. This is important not just for clients and co-workers, but for yourself as well. A clean and professional space will help get you in the right mindset and actually make your day more productive. However, this in no way means boring, but it should always be seen as an extension of how you want to act and be treated in professional interactions.

A place for everything and everything in its place

An organized office

Keep your office neat and organized! I can’t stress this one enough. It’s so easy to feel that panic set in when you're surrounded by your disorganized office and have a looming deadline to hit. A nice, clean office will do your mental health wonders and put off a professional vibe too!

Professional and organized doesn’t mean boring

Personalized office

Now that we have those two out of the way, let’s talk about the good stuff. Your office is yours so it should show off your personality. Weave some color into the room with some art or decorations. Just make sure to keep it all tasteful, but there is nothing worse than working in an all-white room that feels like it’s only missing the padding on the walls.

Check out some of our wonderful walling which is perfect for any office. I actually have the 3D Latham White Oak behind my desk and it's calming, cool tones put me in a zen mode perfect for conquering my task list. 

Show the world where you come from

Photos in office

No office is complete without a desk and no desk is complete without a few photos on it. Show everyone who and what you care about with pictures of family, pets, or your favorite activities and vacation memories. This not only injects your personality into your professional life but is also a great self-reminder about why you’re working as hard as you do.

Add some real life to your office

Plants in the office

Get a plant or two for your office. This can be anything from a small bonsai tree to a large rubber tree in the corner. Don’t load up too much, but a few will really tie a room together while adding the illusion of more space. It’ll also help your mood throughout the day as you jump from task to task.

Finally, be yourself… but also reel it in

Too much?

Too much?

Your office is yours and you have every right, hell you have a duty to show it, but just remember that there is a difference between work and play. Keep your two lives separate and it will be easier to switch it on and off when needed. After All, no client needs or wants to see your obsessive collection of K-pop memorabilia. Stick to a token few touches and save the rest for happy hour.

I hope these tips have helped and as always, feel free to write me and let me know what you liked and what you would like to see. Thanks!
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