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5 Design Trends You Should Be Aware Of

5 Design Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Color is king

5 Design Trends - Color

Gone are the days of all black and white living areas. Now, everyone wants to see a bloom of color that will brighten their day and warm their home up. So get creative with your use of color and return your living room to the realm of the living.

Plus, it’s not just the living room getting in on the fun, kitchens are getting in on the new trend too and designers have started to add more color to their cabinets, counters, and floors. Just don’t go overboard when it comes to the kitchen, utility is still the most important aspect.

Metals are the new gold standard

5 Design Trends - Metal

I don’t care which room in the house you are trying to decorate, metal is an important aspect of any well-rounded room. Not all that glitters is gold and thankfully it doesn’t have to be. Adding some metallic highlights to the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, or even bathrooms can really tie a room together by highlighting a certain aspect of it.

Start small and when in doubt go with a brass or a rose gold and see how you like it.

Take a cue from nature

5 Design Trends - Nature

When it comes to design, it’s hard to improve on nature. Look to add stone and wood accents to every room in the house and pair them with some living plants. You’ll be shocked at how much more open and free your house feels if done right. You can transform a stuffy, boring living room or bedroom into a very open and pleasing space with very minimal effort. Plus, your house guests will really appreciate it.

Walls are getting the royal treatment

5 Design Trends - Walls

From real wood walls making a huge comeback to the artful use of wallpaper, people are finally giving walls the attention they deserve again. No one wants to see a bare white wall anymore when it could contain so much more. So add some life to your room and your walls by infusing them with a touch of your essence.

Also, don’t be afraid to show off your tastes and hobbies. This is your home and it should reflect your interests.

Warning: Curves Ahead!

5 Design Trends - Curves

No one wants boring square furniture anymore. The new big thing in furniture is a blast from the past - Lines. So dust off your grandmother's couches you’ve had in storage since the 70s and put them to new use. The use of soft lines and curves will help the flow of your living room and tie it all together into a warm and intimate space perfect for hosting parties or just relaxing with a good book.

Hopefully, some of these trends have given you the inspiration you need to tackle your home makeover. Let us know in the comments how it goes.

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