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Let's Make A Difference... Together


You may not be aware, but LuxeWall is located in Austin, Texas, just a few hours away from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. While we in the Austin area were fortunate to come out unharmed, our fellow Texans just to the south weren’t so lucky.

Many of us have family and close friends in Southeast Texas and it was important to all of us to make sure that we were doing something to give back to those that have lost so much.

So, we are excited to announce a partnership with the Americares™ Foundation. Starting today we will be donating a portion of our profits to Americares™ to be put to good use helping those that need it most.

Only after much research and discussion did we decide to partner with the Americares™ Foundation - They have been providing health care and basic humanitarian services to places in need since 1979, and do so in an open and transparent way. They are truly a great organization and we are proud to support them.

However, no one person, company, or charity can do it all. Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Texas coastline and Hurricane Irma may prove even worse for the southeastern United States. These are uncertain times for America’s coastline and we owe it to the fine people living in these regions to give back as much as possible.  

We are all so lucky to be where we are in life and we should do what we can to help those in need. So please join in and donate to the Americares™ Foundation or a charity of your choice. We might not have the power to prevent suffering, but maybe together we can minimize its impact.

Thank you,

The LuxeWall Family.

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