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Delivering Breathtaking Hardwood Designs Straight To Your Door

Delivering Breathtaking Hardwood Designs Straight To Your Door

If you watch HGTV or browse the internet in search of interior design tips, you've likely come across a lot of accent wall designs that make a bland room really pop. Many of those designs are beautifully crafted, but feature nothing more than a fancy wallpaper print that will need to be replaced in the years to come. 

What if there was a more elegant and longer-lasting alternative? A product that provides a high-end look without the static feel of designer wallpaper?

Elegant Designs For Every Taste

Whether you're looking for a reclaimed wood look or a graphite design that speaks to your contemporary taste, you'll find a variety of different luxe products to match your desires. 

One of our favorite designs is the 3D Natural Acacia Walling. As its name suggests, this beautiful wall features wooden planks that slightly stick out from the wall, creating a look that feels like something right out of a handmade cabin in the woods. 

With 13 different designs available, there's something for every room in your home. 

Simple To Install — Even For Beginners

Our walling is not only beautiful and natural, it's also easy to install thanks to a simple peel-and-stick installation complemented by the industry's very first interlocking design comprised of tongue-and-groove four-sided interlocking pieces for a quick and effortless setup. 

You don't need to be a flooring expert or be even particularly good with a set of tools to install Luxe Walling on a flat and clean surface. Luxe Wall provides step-by-step installation directions based on your own installation desires, making the final product incredibly easy to complete. 

Making The Right Choice For Every Occasion 

Most of us aren't expert interior decorators who can look at a website and immediately understand the value a product's color, grain, or 3D design will bring to our finished room.

Take paint, for instance. We often bring home swatches or even purchase a small sample to determine the best option for our finished room. 

Luxe Walling is no different. Interested customers can purchase a 10" x 5" test piece of each available design for only $0.99. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure the Luxe Wall you choose will match your other design choices perfectly. 

You can find our full selection of sample sizes by CLICKING HERE.

What To Expect When Ordering

We provide free shipping on multiple orders, and once your hardwood arrives, you'll have peace of mind knowing that every board provides a lifetime structural warranty and a low-price guarantee.

If you're looking for a unique accent for a bedroom wall, searching for a talking piece for your living room, or simply looking to highlight your wet bar, there's something for you at Luxe Wall. 

With our DIY walling you'll feel like your favorite DIY star in no time at all.

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