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Acoustic Slat Panels - Revolutionizing an Industry!

Acoustic Slat Panels - Revolutionizing an Industry!

Introducing the latest designer trend in wood walling: Acoustic Slat Panels! I’m incredibly excited to talk about these amazing new walls and why they are truly unique. Not only are acoustic slat panels the ultimate personification of modern style, they also have several key features that make them far superior to alternative walling. 

Obsidian Acoustic Slat Wall


As summer comes to an end and fall sets in, it's a good time to start thinking about insulating your home from the cold. Acoustic Slat Panels are the perfect solution for anyone looking to remodel their homes and reduce their electric bill at the same time. Why spend money insulating your home, when you can add beautiful walling instead? 

Sound Reduction

Another key feature of Acoustic Slat Panels is their ability to block out outside noise. Got a noisy roommate or neighbor? Now you can sleep soundly without being woken up by irritating noises. During installation, you can even strengthen the sound-reducing properties by adding additional material behind the slats. 

Natural Acoustic Slat Wall

Easy to install

Perhaps the greatest feature of this revolutionary walling is how simple it is to install in any setting. In a matter of hours, you can transform any space into something marvelous. Acoustic Slat Panels are so lightweight, you can even use them on the ceiling. You will be amazed by how quickly you can turn boring plain walls into modern brilliance. 

Unique Beauty and Style

Nothing on the market compares with the beauty and grandeur of Acoustic Slat Panels. The only limit is your imagination. If you’re looking for something truly futuristic, try adding LED lights between the slats for some amazing high-tech aesthetics with little to no technological expertise.

Café Acoustic Slat Wall

If you’re looking for the next big thing in home decoration, look no further. Acoustic Slat Panels are here to change the way we design our homes. Check out our selection of Acoustic Slat Walling and see for yourself how awesome your home could be.

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