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Designer Spot Light: Five Questions For Jake Munroe

Designer Spot Light: Five Questions For Jake Munroe

We had a chance to sit down with Jake Munroe, one of our favorite local designers, last week and ask him some questions about his creative process and incorporating our walling into his work.

What is your usual jumping off point?

Well, to begin with, I need to get an idea of what the clients are looking for and the kind of space they want me to create. So, naturally, this starts with talking to the owners about what they want. However, it’s not just straightforward questions. I like to get a feel for their hobbies and tastes, favorite movies, books, and foods. That sort of thing.

Then I’ll tour the space and walk the grounds, sometimes with the clients and sometimes alone and just see what sort of comes to me. Usually, this produces a strong image in my mind and I am able to make something unique for the clients.

Which wall style is your favorite?

Anything textured. The 3D textured walls are by far my favorite and the clients love them. They add such a fun atmosphere to such otherwise normal rooms. They really let you play with the aesthetic in such a fun way.

How have our walls impacted your job as a designer?

They’ve added a new dynamic, definitely. The wood acts as a living object you can reach out and touch. A part of nature with character all to its own not made to simply be covered like wallpaper.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Definitely seeing my clients impressed by the final results. As designers, we live for that moment, where our clients see our creations for the first time. It’s easily the best part.

How have your clients reacted to you incorporating our walls into your work?

They love it! Real-wood walling is still kind of a new thing to many, so not a lot of people expect it and when you first tell them, they usually have this retro idea of the old wood paneling their grandparents had. It’s been really fun to see that notion shaken up. Most end up asking for the information so they can add it around other rooms in their home or to tell their friends. It’s really cool to see it catching on.
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