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A Blast From The Past: Wood Walling Is Back In Style

We all remember that classic wood paneling on everything look that was so prevalent from our childhood.

You might be conjuring up an image right now of a classic suburban living room covered head to toe in wood paneling like it was some sort of hunting lodge and feel the need to cringe. It’s okay it was definitely a little cringe worthy in hindsight.

This is your walls calling - Please give me an update!

This is your walls calling - please give us an update!


Thankfully, interior decorating has come a very long way since then and those in the industry have managed to turn a lot of the old traditions into newer, cooler, ideas. Yes, even wood paneling!

I’m going to share some of the more interesting ideas that I’ve come across and show you how you can give a room a dynamic (and timeless) makeover.

Bold, 3D Texture

wood walling

3D textured wall panels are my absolute favorite. They add such a cool dynamic and texture to any room. Plus, the added depth creates very interesting, eye catching effects, depending on how your space is lit. This is a picture of our 3D Ivory White Oak in a stunning layout. You can see how it really adds an extra dimension to the room and really showcases the room.

Exotic Grain Patterns

wood walling

You can do a lot more with natural color than in the past where everything was the same basic color. Pictured above is our Smooth Natural Acacia - It adds a beautiful and unique color pattern that runs through every panel to create a one of a kind design in your home.


Not just for walls anymore

wood walling

The beauty of the easy to use peel-and-stick wood paneling is that you can put it anywhere with a relatively flat surface.

In this pictures you can see this beautiful modern kitchen and how it stands out by highlighting the backsplash with real wood that extends to the ceiling and past the lighting. One of my absolute favorites!

Let us know what you like about modern wood paneling and feel free to send us any photos of recent successes. Questions? Comments? We'd love to chat!  📞1-844-LUXE-WALL

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