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7 Of Our Favorite Walls To Inspire Your Creative Side

7 Of Our Favorite Walls To Inspire Your Creative Side

We get pictures all the time of completed project from dream houses so we decided to go ahead and make a list of our absolute favorites. If you want to change up a wall, but are at a loss for ideas then this is the article for you. Hopefully, you'll see something that gets you inspired!

#1 Genoa White Oak Walling

This room comes to us from Aspen, Colorado and as you can see in the above picture, the owners have decided to redo a low ceiling rather than a traditional wall. We absolutely love this idea and it really helps to open up the room and make for an awe-inspiring view rather it be hosting a party or a quiet dinner for two.

The Genoa White Oak walling has always remained one of our absolute favorites. Its subtle tone adds warmth and clarity to any room while maintaining an elegant and timeless look.

#2 3D Ivory White Oak

3d ivory white oak

We have always been big fans of the 3D look that our walling adds both in texture and design. This wall is from a cozy bedroom in Arlington, Texas and is used in such a way that it really becomes the first point of focus for the room, tieing it together.

Our 3D Ivory White Oak really does demand to be reached out and touched. If you get the opportunity to see it in person you will be blown away by how solid it feels while remaining smooth to the touch.

#3 Natural Acacia

Natural Acacia

We are constantly blown away by the Acacia wood walling projects that we run across. This is a natural acacia that offers a truly unique look, almost as if the wall shimmers with a hidden fire.

You can’t go wrong, no matter where you install this wall, but it is particularly nice in a bedroom or around a fireplace.

Wherever you install your Acacia walling, it is sure to be a conversation starter that will keep looking amazing for years to come.

#4 Weathered Pine

Weathered Pine

This weathered Pine wall comes to us from Austin, Texas and offers a unique look and texture. we are big fans of this pine and the rough texture that it offers. However, being that it is a non-traditional hardwood, it can be hard to find a place for pine. That being said, your walls are a perfect spot to cover with this amazing and durable wood.

Pine also has the benefit of coming in quite a few different colors and can really be designed with any space in mind.

#5 Loano White Oak

Loano White Oak

This gorgeous hallway from Snowmass, Colorado is just one of many amazing walls in the house to have our Loano White Oak installed on it, but this one really shows off the dynamic appeal of it.

The Loano White Oak is truly a perfect combination of classic and contemporary merged into one look. You can see the way it shimmers as it reflects the light, making this especially perfect for hallways and other long spaced.

#6 3D Natural Acacia

Natural Acacia

Our 3D version of our Natural Acacia really builds upon the already unique look of Natural Acacia by adding texture that lets you play with the design and feel of any given wall. Acacia is much brighter and warmer than Oak or Pine walling and offers a unique vision to any room.

(Editor's note - This is my favorite walling that we offer and I think looks great in just about any setting.)

#7 Beachfront Oak

Beachfront Oak

Could you ask for a more stunning room than the one pictured above? The beachfront Oak might be last on the list, but it first in many people’s hearts for just how bright and welcoming it is. This Oak does an amazing job of lightening up any room and is perfect next to big windows that let in large amounts of natural light.

There you go, that is our top 7 favorite wood wallings. I hope we have helped to inspire your inner creative genius

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns then please leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading.

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