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A Quick Guide For Creating A Welcoming Guest Room

Aug 28, 2018

Although it isn't used every day, your guest room should be an inviting space where visitors to your home feel comfor...

Three Secrets To Keeping A Clean Home All Year Round

Mar 29, 2018

We all know that one person that keeps a perfect looking house. No matter when you go over to their home, it always h...

A Blast From The Past: Wood Walling Is Back In Style

Mar 22, 2018

We all remember that classic wood paneling on everything look that was so prevalent from our childhood. You might be conjuring up an image right now of a classic suburban living room covered head to toe in wood paneling like it was some sort of hunting lodge and feel the need to cringe. It’s okay it was definitely a little cringe worthy in hindsight. Thankfully, interior decorating has come a very long way since then and those in the industry have managed to turn a lot of the old traditions into newer, cooler, ideas. Yes, even wood paneling!

Acacia: Interior Designers Secret Weapon

Oct 10, 2017

In recent years interior designers all across the world have fallen in love with acacia hardwood. Designers are alw...

7 Of Our Favorite Walls To Inspire Your Creative Side

Oct 10, 2017

We get pictures all the time of completed project from dream houses so we decided to go ahead and make a list of our ...

Choosing The Right Wood For Your Walls

Sep 15, 2017

Whether you’re a new homeowner with some ugly walls or an experienced contractor, selecting the perfect wood to insta...

Our Commitment To Building A Greener Future

Sep 12, 2017

As an online retailer of quality, yet affordable hardwood walling, we knew we needed to step back and offer a commitm...

Delivering Breathtaking Hardwood Designs Straight To Your Door

Sep 6, 2017

If you watch HGTV or browse the internet in search of interior design tips, you've likely come across a lot of accen...